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What is Excalia?

Excalia is a new slimming pill that got a lot of press attention when clinical trials were first announced in 2006 by the pharmaceutical research company Orexigen Therapeutics. News reports claimed that it could help you drop up to two dress sizes and there was great excitement about it.

How does Excalia Work?

Like Orexigen Therapeutic’s other weight loss drug in trials (Mysimba), Excalia contained two medications already licensed for use, an anti-depressive called Bupropion and an anti-seizure medication, Zonisamide.

Together, the two medications seem to reduce appetite and encourage greater expenditure of energy. Buproprion, raises levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain and so reduces appetite and the two medications together promote sustained weight loss.

I heard a lot about this Excalia, but nothing for a while - what is going on?

Excalia's name was changed to Empatic in 2007. Please see our Empatic page for further information about this medication.

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