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Microgynon is a hormonal contraceptive combined pill containing ethinylestradiol and levonorgestrel, which are synthetic versions of oestrogen and progesterone.

Can I Buy Microgynon 30 Online

You can buy Microgynon 30 and Microgynon 30 ED online if you have been prescribed oral contraceptives before. Just click on the button below and register.

How does Microgynon work?

Taking these combination pills daily makes the body think that ovulation has already occurred. The hormones also thicken the natural mucus, which lines the neck of the womb making it more difficult for the sperm to reach an egg and also the lining of the womb is made less hospitable for a fertilised egg.

How is Microgynon taken?

Microgynon is taken once every day. The packet contains 21 active tablets and 7 inactive tablets. While taking these 7 inactive tablets there will be a bleed like a normal period. It is possible to be prescribed Microgynon 30 without the inactive tablets if this is your preference. The pack with the inactive tablets is called Microgynon 30 ED. The one without the inactive tablets is just called Microgynon 30.

What to do about missed pills?

The missed pill should be taken as soon as possible and the remainder of the packet is to be taken as normal. If two or more pills are missed, barrier contraception must be used for the following seven days as you will not be protected against pregnancy.

Is Microgynon 30 effective?

Microgynon is as effective as any other pill. The pill is known to be almost 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. It is also effective as a treatment for women who have heavy or irregular periods as the pill helps to make periods lighter and much more regular.

Are there side effects?

All medications have potential side effects but most people do not get any side effects. If you are approved for this medication then a full list of potential side effects will be listed and all medication is accompanied by a patient information leaflet.

So how do I get Microgynon 30?

Click on the button below and register. It is very important that you answer all the medical questions truthfully as Microgynon is not suitable for everyone.