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Thrush Information and Treatment

What is Thrush?

Thrush is a fungal or yeast infection affecting both men and women. Thrush is not sexually transmitted but it is sometimes advisable to treat partners if one partner is having recurring symptomatic Thrush episodes.

Can I Get Treatment for Thrush Online?

You can get prescription and non-prescription treatments for Thrush online if you recognise the symptoms and you have been diagnosed before. The Online Clinic can prescribe Fluconazole and Gyno-Daktarin to eradicate thrush for next day delivery after you complete a short medical questionnaire.

What are the Symptoms of Thrush?

Vaginal Thrush

The symptoms of vaginal thrush normally include an itching around the entrance to the vagina. Sometimes thrush will cause sexual intercourse to be painful and it may cause a stinging or burning sensation when urine is passed. Sometimes Thrush will cause discharge that is normally odourless. The discharge is usually thick and creamy (a bit like cottage cheese in texture) but it can be thin and watery in some cases.

More severe cases of vaginal thrush can include cracked skin around the entrance to the vagina. Severe cases can also include a red or swollen vagina. Ulceration of the vagina is unusual but it has been observed in cases of thrush. Where there is ulceration present, you should always get checked out by a doctor in a face to face environment as these ulcers can be caused by something other than thrush.

Thrush in Men

Many people associate thrush with women but thrush in men is also common and easy to treat. Thrush on the penis can be called Candida Balanitis: this basically means a fungal infection of the head of the penis that causes inflammation. The normal symptoms are redness around the tip of the penis accompanied by itchiness. Occasionally thick and lumpy discharge can be present that may have a strong odour. This discharge is normally produced under the foreskin.

Oral Thrush

It is possible to get thrush in the mouth. The usual symptoms are little white spots or plaques that can be removed leaving a red area underneath. Normally these red areas will be sore.

Thrush Affecting Other Areas of the Body

Thrush can be present in any area of the body that provides a hospitable environment for the fungus that causes Thrush to grow. The normal areas away from the mouth and the genitals are around the folds of skin, such as the groin, under the breasts and the area between the genitals and the anus. Obese people can be prone to yeast infections under the folds of their skin.

The symptoms of candida skin infections are areas of redness that can be painful or itchy. Spots can develop and occasionally the skin might scale over and produce a curd-like substance on the surface.

What Causes Thrush?

Thrush is caused by candida albicans. This is usually present in small amounts in the body but it is kept under control by the immune system. Occasionally there will be an overgrowth of the candida albicans and it will cause the symptoms outlined above.

Thrush can develop if you are feeling run down after an illness or if your immune system is impaired in some way. The use of antibiotics can also lead to thrush episodes as antibiotics can kill off the good bacteria that keep the levels of candida albicans under control.

An increased incidence of thrush during pregnancy has been observed. Thrush will not harm the baby but it should be treated with any of the cream or pessaries after consultation with your doctor or obstetrician. You cannot take the oral treatment (Fluconazole) while pregnant or breastfeeding.

How is Thrush Treated?

Thrush is very easily treated with topical creams or internal pessaries for women with vaginal thrush. Men can use a cream on the affected area. It is also possible to treat Thrush with an oral medication called Fluconazole and this is the easiest form of treatment. Fluconazole is available on prescription through The Online Clinic. It is only necessary to take one capsule and the thrush symptoms will normally disappear within 10 days. We can also prescribe Gyno-Daktarin cream or pessaries for women.

Do I need to get partners treated?

It is not normally necessary to get sexual partners treated as thrush is not normally sexually transmitted. If one partner is having recurring thrush infections then it may be advisable to treat the partner also to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence. It is usually advisable to abstain from sex while you are attempting to rid yourself of a thrush infection. If there is any possibility of a sexually transmitted infection having been acquired then it is necessary to get a sexual health check-up. This can be facilitated online using The STI Clinic.

General Advice on Thrush Symptoms

If you have been diagnosed with thrush in the past and you recognise the symptoms then we can treat you by post after you order online. If there is any possibility of a sexually transmitted infection then you must get tested either at a GUM clinic, by your GP or online through The STI Clinic.

If you are having regular thrush infections every month or two then you must consult with a doctor face to face.